LaserProtect glasses and protection goggles are a universal solution protecting eyes from all
types of infrared lasers. The first application of this technology is medical protective glasses for
doctors that provide full eye protection against radiation in the entire infrared band. The
product can be used in aesthetic medicine, ophthalmology, dentistry, soft tissue surgery and

LaserProtect is:
– eye protection against any type of lasers
– greater range and better visual quality in the visible spectrum
– wide application in key areas of medicine


MicroLens’ micro-lenses that are flat on both sides allow miniaturization of endoscopes and

other optoelectronic devices such as cameras, waveguides, lasers, LIDARs or displays.
Microlens produces lenses with a diameter of only 10-50 μm (an order of magnitude smaller
than the existing GRIN lenses), achromatic in the visible range, but also in infrared (800 nm –
1550 nm). In addition to single lenses, nGRIN lens matrixes are also produced.

Microlens is:
– replacing multi-element lens systems with one, flat-faced lens
– ability to obtain a refractive index "on demand", which helps to improve optical quality
– flat surface, i.e. easy integration with other systems (e.g., fiber optics)
– ability to create a matrix of micro lenses with hexagonal shaped lenses
– design of micro lens shapes "on demand"
– a converging lens inside a lens (no change in optical properties when immersed in liquid)
– elliptical lenses and pre-set astigmatism to correct the optical defects of a light source
– work in visible and infrared radiation